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... TUDOR Vintage SUBMARINER Ref-7928 IDF Forces Steel Bj-1962 Tudor
€ 39.830


... TUDOR Vintage SUBMARINER Ref-7928 Pointed Crown Guards Gild Printing Chapter Lolipop Exclamation Mark Dial Bj-1962 Tudor
€ 17.830


... TUDOR Vintage SUBMARINER OYSTER PRICE Argentine Army Ref-7928 Steel Tritium Dial Bj-1964 Tudor


... TUDOR BLACK BAY 58 BRONZE Ref-79012M Box Papers Bj-2021 Unworn Tudor
€ 5.860


... TUDOR Vintage MONTE CARLO HOMEPLATE Ref-7032-0 Steel Bj-1971 Tudor
€ 38.980


... Vintage Monte Carlo Oysterdate Big Block Exotic Square Guards Ref-7169/0 Stainless Steel Bj 1973 Tudor
€ 19.880


... TUDOR Oysterdate Chronograph Ref-79260 Albino Dial Stainless Steel Bj-1990 Tudor


... Heritage Black Bay Ref-79250BA Bronze Leather Strap Box Papers Bj-2019 Tudor
€ 3.580


... Tudor Heritage Black Bay Ref-79230N Stainless Steel Bracelet and Leather Strap Box Papers Bj-2018 Tudor
€ 3.690


... Tudor Prince Oysterdate Chronograph Ref-79270 Albino Dial Stainless Steel Bj-1995 Tudor
€ 6.850


... TUDOR Prince Date Ref-79260P Steel Blue Mettalic Dial Bj-2006 Tudor


... TUDOR Vintage SUBMARINER Ref-7928 Stainless Steel Gilt Tritium Dial Bj-1962 Tudor
€ 21.930


... Tudor Black Bay Chronograph Ref-79350 Stainless Steel Box-Pap. Germany Bj-2020 LC100 Tudor


... Tudor Black Bay Ref-79220R Stainless Steel Box Papers Bj-2012 Tudor


... Tudor Black Bay Bronzo Ref-79250BM Box Papers Bj-2018 Tudor
€ 3.160
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More about Tudor

"The Tudor" was foundedas a brand in 1926 by the company Veuve de Philippe Hüther managed by Hans Wilsdorf, but no later since19 ...


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