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You have found your dream watch and would like to buy it online?

All questions and answers around the purchase process, payment and shipping can be found here.

You do not live in Munich and cannot collect the watch personally at our shop?

We offer you to buy the watch comfortably and safely online with us:

  • Please order the watch with the "pay" link.
  • We will promptly confirm your reservation and send you our bank account details.
  • For transfers from abroad, you will also receive our IBAN and BIC numbers.
  • Please transfer the full amount to our account.
  • Please provide us a delivery address (no private address, only office or business address) as well as your mobile number.
  • As soon as the amount is credited to our account, we will send you a confirmation and send you the watch.
  • We ship the watch with a transport company, which is specialized in the transportation of valuables. The shipping is insured!
  • For security reasons, we only ship from Monday to Thursday.
  • The shipping costs are:
    • 50 Euro, - within the Federal Republic of Germany for watches with a value of up to 25,000 Euro
    • 75 Euro, - within the EU for watches with a value of up to 25,000 Euro
    • For parcels with a value above 25,000 Euro or for delivery addresses outside the EU we are happy to provide you an individual offer.