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Joshua M. Knapp

Joshua Knapp has been working at Bachmann & Scher since 2014. After his high school graduation he collected his first work experience in various companies, then worked as a camera assistant at a Munich media company. At Bachmann & Scher, he is responsible for product photography, image processing and the publication of the images. In doing so, he sets the watches sharply into the scene, so that collectors can recognize every detail. With watches, Joshua Knapp had no touch points before Bachmann & Scher, but developed a fascination through his daily work with the high-quality antique watches, which is also reflected in his work. This refers primarily to the fact that watches define for him something that you can not really define - time. Joshua Knapp is currently studying Brand Communication and Advertising at the Macromedia University in Munich. His personal favorite timepieces are a Rolex Vintage Submariner and the OMEGA Pre-Moon models.