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Glashütte Original

GLASHÜTTE ORIGINAL - watchmaking art from Germany

Glashütte, Saxony has been the undisputed center of the German watch industry since the middle of the 19th century. So what the Vallée de Joux for the Swiss watch industry stands for, is the Saxon Switzerland for the German watch industry.

It was no less than Adolph Lange, who wanted to make a center of precision watchmaking out of the small Saxon town, which was economically on the ground. His plan went on. In addition to numerous clockmakers, casing constructors, watch-hand manufacturer and balance makers settled in the town. The German watchmaker school was also settled here.

Complicated pocket watches from Glashütte won prizes at exhibitions and competitions and can compete with the high quality level of Switzerland. The name "Glashütte" becomes a quality label.

The economic viability of the region seemed to be secured. The two world wars and the economic crisis, however, forced many companies to register bankruptcy. From 1951, the local watchmaker merged with the compulsory cooperative VEB Glashütter watch companies, Glashütte became the second most important location for watch production in the former GDR after Ruhla.

Between 1955 and 1961, the popular watchmakers Glashütte produced 12,500 chronographs of the caliber 64. The Glashütter chronograph combines timeless beauty with mechanical precision and makes collectors hearts beat faster. But hand-winding and automatic movements were also built in Glashütte. In the 1960s, Glashütte mainly exported watches to the West, to mail-order houses such as Quelle, and was thus an important foreign exchange source for the GDR.

At the present time the Glashütte watches from the 50s and 60s are particularly popular. E.g. the Specimatic. The Specimatic was produced between 1964 and 1979. In total, there are 3.6 million copies of which 1.8 million with date display and 1.8 without.

From the VEB Glashütter watch manufactures to the manufactory

1990 after the German reunification the conglomerate turned into the Glashütter watch manufactures Ltd. Four years later, the company was privatized under the leadership of Heinz W. Pfeifer. Under his direction, the "Glashütte Original" manufactory succeeded in building on the success and traditions of the past, and again manufacturing high-quality mechanical Glashütte wrist- watches. One of the specialties of the manufactory was the three-quarter main bridge with strip cut, the patented panorama date or the swan neck fine regulation.

Pfeifer put on a new watch collection brand Glashütte Original and on genuine manufactory calibers, such as. GUB 10-30. This became the basis of the restructured company "Glashütte Original". Now the watchmakers from Glashütte were able to prove their skills and expanded the product range by constantly new complications. In 1995, they succeeded in the circle of genuine watch manufactories with the masterpiece Julius Assmann.

Since the turn of the century, Glashütte Original has been part of the Swatch Group. Due to the Swatch Group investments Glashütte Original is now playing in the upper league of the watch industry. Glashütte Original is certainly the most important German watch brand after Lange & Söhne.

Not only have the car manufacturers such as Fiat and VW profited from the retro trend, but also watchmakers. Through the revival of their oldies - especially the vintage collections Sixties and Seventies and the exclusive series Pavonina and Lady Serenade, the Saxon watchmaker succeeded to generate enthusiasm amongst collectors and not only them. The new Glashütte watches, inspired by the past, increase the value of the originals.

Men's and women's watches are created entirely by Glashütte Original in their own house. From the smallest screw to the most complicated mechanism, timepieces are made here by hand. The production depth of Glashütte Original is over 95%.

Senator Meissen Tourbillon

The dragon year 2012 was celebrated at Glashütte Original with the limited edition of the model Senator Meissen Tourbillon. Eight unique models were designed, each equipped with a Meissen porcelain dial and with a hand-painted Chinese dragon.

Glashütte Orignal & Berlinale

Since 2011, Glashütte is the original partner of the "Berlinale". The International Film Festival Berlin is one of Germany's biggest cultural events.

The Saxonian watchmaker Glashütte Original awards the "Made in Germany promotional price perspective" to the support of German rulers and donates the prize of € 15,000 - a scholarship for script development. In addition, the young directors are provided with the necessary content support in order to realize their projects.