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[Translate to english:] Corum Rolls Royce Grill from 1980


Corum Brand story

In 1955, Simone Ries, together with René Bannwart, founded the company Montres Corum SàRL (in short: Corum) in La Chaux-de-Fonds with the aim of offering unusual watches, which differ in design and quality from the usual.

The first atelier of Corum was built in a small factory that was run by Gaston Ries. Three years after the founding, the breakthrough in the watch industry was achieved with the watch model Chapeau Chinois.

Golden Bridge & Admirals Cup

The "Golden Bridge", produced in 1977, with a manual winding of 18 karat gold, has left a lasting impression on the history of watchmaking. Vincent Calabrese, a young watchmaker, presented his immature movement, whose wheelset was arranged in a line, at Corum´s. The watchmakers of Corum were very impressed with the idea, acquired it and began with the expansion of the construction. This resulted in a 30-millimeter-long bar arrangement with three overlapping golden bridges, a masterpiece of micromechanics. The production required the highest precision craftsmanship and 85 working steps. In 2005 a new edition of the "Golden Bridge" was presented. The new developed bar arrangement is significantly larger than the model from the 1970s. The "Golden Bridge" can be chosen in platinum, in yellow, rose or white gold, the movement is always made from the same material as the case.

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary in 2010, Corum launched the "Golden Bridge" as a Tourbillon - with the smallest Tourbillon cage in the world! Since 2011, Corum has been integrating the world's only automatic movement system (CORUM caliber CO-313) in its "Golden Bridge Automatic", a further milestone in the company's successful history.

The leader model of Corum is undoubtedly the Admiral's Cup. The first models of the Admiral's Cup came on the market already in the ´60s and caused a big sensation with their rectangular case. The nautical flags in place of the usual hour markings, create a reference to the Navy. Waterproofness is ensured in the steel or gold cases or in the titanium version. In 1992 the model "Marée" appeared, the watch is indicating the tide change, and was made especially for sailors.

The Admirals Cup Marée provides further key information such as the lunar phase, flow strength and the exact time of high and low water. The tidal system is the result of a three-year development phase. The exact tide clock was developed in cooperation with the Geneva Observatory and the hydrographic and oceanographic service of the French navy. As a successor model appeared the model Admiral's Cup Tides, with an ETA automatic movement.

As a longtime partner of prestigious regattas and prestigious high-sailers such as the Olympic champions Ben Ainslie and Loïck Peyron, both Corum ambassadors, it made sense to the Haute Horlogerie brand Corum, to develop their own chronograph with countdown counter. With the Admiral's Cup AC-One 45, Corum presents a new designed regatta feature. The Admiral's Cup collection now enjoys cult status among all sailors and other lovers of extreme sports.

The legendary models - Coin Watch, Météorite, Romulus, Feather Watch

The Swiss watch company with the standing key as a trademark - 'The key to beautiful time' - has been glittering since the founding with a series of extravagant and unusual creations in a very limited edition with a high degree of recognition. Every single timepiece from Corum combines three fundamental values: technical innovation, great watchmaking tradition and high-caliber mechanics.

E.g. The coin watch from the Heritage collection, which was made in Basel in 1968, made from an original $ 20 gold coin. Among the bearers of the Coin Watch with the flat Piguet caliber 9000 are the presidents Bush, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. The sale of this watch beyond the United States of America, almost failed. The reason - the modification of American coins is forbidden in the USA, since Corum had made the reworking’s in Switzerland, this prohibition should not apply.

Other legendary models are the Météorite, a watch made of meteorite rock, or the classic Romulus, with the Roman hour mark on the bezel or the Feather Watch with its dials made of genuine peacock feathers. All these original and exclusive timepieces prove that Corum has been one of the most creative manufacturers of luxury watches and has been decisively influenced by the watch industry for decades.

The history of the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer shows that Corum has reached the given goal. With the help of René Bannwarts exceptional designs - to create aesthetic and technically excellent watches with a high degree of recognition, which are very popular among collectors all over the world.