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Ring Piaget Possession Classique 18K Red Gold 34Diamonds circa 0,66ct VS1-F Width 4,5mm Box Ring Size 52

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Code KDC528
Property of Bachmann & Scher GmbH


Possession Classique Ring
750/000 Rotgold
34 x Diamant, insgesamt circa 0,663 ct, VS1 - F
Breite 4,5 mm; Box
Größe 52
Weight 4.80 gr

Our Remarks

Bachmann & Scher can offer you a Piaget Possession Classique Ring in 18k red gold.
That Piaget Possession ring is defined by its revolving center band.
It's been crafted in France and illuminated by 34 brilliant-cut diamonds of about 0,66ct VS1 -F, that shimmer as they move around your finger.
The ring comes with the original box.
The width is 4,5mm and the ring size is 52

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