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Ring Snake 18K White Gold Diamonds circa 4,80ct Ring Size 61

€ 6.630
Weltweite Lieferung versichert


Code KDC760
Besitz von Bachmann & Scher GmbH


Snake ring
750/000 Weißgold
Diamant, Brilliantschliff, insgesamt circa 1,30 ct
Diamant, Baguette, insgesamt circa 3,50 ct
Größe 61
Gewicht 11,70 gr

Unsere Anmerkungen

Bachmann & Scher can offer you snake ring in 18k white gold.
That ring is in very good condition.
Featuring round pavé and baguette diamonds of about 4,80ct.
Symbol of eternity, sign of love or representing seduction over the centuries, the snake has been a recurring motif in jewelry.
This jewelled pavé viper brings power and confidence to its wearer.
Ring size 61

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