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Bracelet Serpenti Black Enamel 18K Yellow Gold 25 Diamonds circa 0,64ct 29 Emerald circa 1,1ct

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Code KDC621
Besitz von Bachmann & Scher GmbH


Serpenti black enamel
750/000 Gelbgold
25 x Diamant, insgesamt circa 0,64 ct
29 x Smaragd, insgesamt circa 1,10 ct
185,6 gr. Gelbgold
Durchmesser 5 cm
Durchmesser 5 cm
Gewicht 185,60 gr

Unsere Anmerkungen

Bachmann & Scher can offer you a bracelet serpenti enamel crafted in 18k yellow gold.
This bracelet shows a flex fit design as the gold is crafted to resemble snake scales.
The gold almost overlaps, giving this design a life like feel.
That bracelet is pavé set with 25 diamonds and 29 emeralds on the head and on the tail, as well as emerald Navette-cut eyes.
Symbol of eternity, sign of love or representing seduction over the centuries, the snake has been a recurring motif in jewelry.
Diameter of 5 cm.
185,6 gr. yellow gold

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