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Ploprof Prototype COMEX


Preis auf Anfrage
Weltweite Lieferung versichert

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Referenz 166.077
Code K22187
Zustand Sehr gut
Produktionsjahr 1970
Besitz von Bachmann & Scher GmbH


Gehäuse Material Stahl
Durchmesser 54x45
Glas Mineralglas
Schließe Dornschließe
Schliesse Material Stahl
Zifferblatt Schwarz
Zahlen Zifferblatt Index
Band Material Kautschuk
Werk OMEGA cal. 1002
Aufzug Automatik
Wasserdicht 600 m




Zentralsekunde, Leuchtzeiger, drehbare Lünette, Originalzustand/Originalteile, Leuchtindizies

Unsere Anmerkungen

We are more than proud to offer you this very good vintage OMEGA SEAMASTER 600 PROTOTYPE, Ref.ST166.077, in stainless steel with black rubber strap and steel pin buckle.


Coming with:

-lots of letters and lists from COMEX divers.

-COMEX watch maker Mr. Bianchi letter.

-COMEX booklet about the CENTRE HPYERBARE, 1980.

-hand painted cartoons from COMEX divers.

Powered by the OMEGA calibre 1002.


This is an early COMEX PROTOTYPE diver's OMEGA with case number 4-524 plus PROTOYPE engraving.

This watch here came directly from the son of COMEX diver MARTIN, who was one of the first six divers working for the company.

The movement number is in the correct range of 29.000.

The engraving on the case inside is upside down.


Coming also with lots of original COMEX paperwork, even confidential wrtings.


COMEX watchmaker Mr. Bianchi stated, that knows the watch as the one MARTIN was using in those early years.

The hands and the dial are from later OMEGA production. They were most propably exchanded due to discoloration.


In those years, the OMEGA SEAMASTER PLOPROF was the choice of the legendeary diver JACQUES COUSTEAU and therefore also for many other professional divers as well.


The CEO of COMEX, Henry Delauze was also a fan of this model. However he decided in the late 1960/early 1970ies after testing the ROLEX SUBMARINER and the PLOPROF watches, to go for the more practical and cheaper SUBMARINER 5513/14.


Many different ROLEX SEA-DWELLER and SUBMARINER references with COMEX logo then became the signiture pieces of the company.

This is the reason why in comparison hardly any OMEGA PROTOTYPES are found in the collector's market.


Our COMEX/PLOPROF is a close to impossible to find OMEGA collector's item, worth any serious collection and sure investment piece.


Comes with a one year warranty through our watch lab.


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