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Pendant Earrings 18K White Gold Diamonds circa 3,40ct Sapphires circa 13ct Length 7,8cm Width 16,9mm

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Code KDC453
Besitz von Bachmann & Scher GmbH
Epoche Modern (1980 - heute)


750/000 Weißgold
208 x Diamant, Brilliantschliff, insgesamt circa 3,40 ct
379 x Safir, Brilliantschliff, insgesamt circa 13,000 ct
Breite 16,9mm
Länge 78 mm
Gewicht 23,20 gr

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Bachmann & Scher can offer you a pair of pendant earrings in 18k white gold.
208 diamonds of about 3,40 ct and 379 sapphires about 13,00 ct in different shades of blue, form two extraordinary drop earrings, similar to drops of water.
These pendant earrings will ensure every woman a stunning and grace appearance.
They have a total length of 7,8 cm and a width of 16,9 mm.

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