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Tiffany & Co.


Tiffany & Co. Cufflinks 14k Yellow Gold 4 Sapphire Cabochon Tiffany & Co. Sachet Diameter 14 mm

€ 2.380
World wide delivery insured


Code KDC392
Property of Bachmann & Scher GmbH
Epoch Modern (1980 - today)


585/000 Gelbgold4 x Safir, CabochonTiffany & Co. SachetDurchmesser 14 mm
Diameter 14 mm

Our Remarks

Bachmann & Scher can offer you a pair of Tiffany & Co. cufflinks in 14k yellow gold and sapphire cabochon.
These beautiful and like new cufflinks are in perfect condition.
Manufactured probably in the 90s.
Come with the original Tiffany & Co. Sachet.
Can be worn by either man or woman.

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